Asthma, Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

Asthma, Symptoms, Causes and Prevention – asthma is a condition where the respiratory tract in part bronkhial of the lungs is narrowed so that the sufferer often have difficulty in breathing, asthma usually this strikes with sudden and could be due to several factors which triggered asthma attacks, of course, this condition is extremely disturbed and uneasy, due to narrowing of these resulted in the onset of symptoms and signs such as cough wheezing, shortness of breath, even until the breath of flame (wheezing).


Asthma, Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

Asthma cannot be cured completely but can be reduced by knowing the source of the trigger for the onset of asthma and avoid it, therefore we recommend that you keep the sebersihan environment.

Some of the symptoms of asthma:


Breathing difficulties so that the body looks a little turn blue It often felt like choking

Feeling tense, nervous and fear

Feel accomplished

Sneezing, runny or clogged nose


There were circles under eye black

Nausea and want to vomit

Experience a low-grade fever and sweating brow

Itching in the throat is usually experienced coughing

To make it easier to breathe perderita always tried to sit upright.

The chest tightness and wheezing.

Heavy breath normally emits (wheezing).

It is difficult for the concentration and talk.

Medical causes of asthma are still not known for sure and the sufferer is very sensitive to a stimulus such as air pollution, disturbance of emotions, fur etc. but can be overcome by avoiding triggers the onset of asthma.

Asthma, Symptoms, Causes and Prevention


Asthma, Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

Other causes could be due to blockage of the respiratory tract by a thick mucous, in this case the sufferer unable to draw breath but difficult to pull out of breath.

The cause of the occurrence of asthma:
Respiratory tract constriction is often due stimulus such as:

  • Air pollution such as cigarette smoke, chemicals, dust etc.
  • Pollen
  • Fur
  • Cold air
  • Respiratory tract infections
  • Sports overkill
  • Anxiety, fear and stress
  • Disease prevention asthma:
  • Avoid triggers the onset of asthma
  • Maintaining health and environmental hygiene
  • Use of special drugs to cope with asthma
  • Drugs or respiratory Inhalers pelega

Prevention Of Asthma
All asthma attacks must be prevented. Asthma attacks can be prevented if the trigger factors are known and could have been avoided. The attack triggered by exercise could have been avoided by drinking medicine before doing sports.


Asthma, Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

 There are preventive efforts can be done to prevent an attackasthma, among other things:
1. Maintaining health
2. Keep the environment clean
3. Avoid factors precipitating attacks of asthma
4. using the asthma antipenyakit medications
Every sufferer should try to do the precautions. But when the symptoms are being incurred then needed medication for the relief of asthma symptoms antipenyakit and thereafter maintained in order for nonsufferers from asthma symptoms.


Asthma, Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

1. Maintaining health
Maintaining health is inseparable from the treatment of asthma. When the sufferer is weak and undernourished, not only are susceptible to the disease but also means easy to get asthma attacks, along with its complications.

Maintain the health of this business, among others, in the form of eating food nutritional value well, drinking a lot, enough rest, recreationand sports. Sufferers are encouraged much to drink except when prohibited doctors, due to suffering from other diseases such as heart disease or kidney.
Drinking plenty will thin the phlegm that is in the respiratory tract, so the phlegm last easy issued. Conversely when the sufferer less drinking, phlegm will be a very strong, tough and difficult issued.
Severe asthma attacks many sufferers who lack of fluids. This is caused by excessive transpiration, less drinking and excessive fluid evaporation from the airway due to breathing fast and deep.2. Keep the environment clean
Environment where daily living sufferers greatly influences the incidence of asthma attacks. The State House for example is veryimportant. The House should not moist enough, ventilation and sunlight.
The water should drain well. Bedroom is a place that needs special attention. Preferably the bedroom contains as little as possible items to avoid house dust.
Pets, cigarette smoke, mosquito spray, or hair sprays and other asthma mencetuskanpenyakit. Environmental jobs also need attention especially when clearly there is a relationship between the working environment with the onslaught of the disease asmanya.3. Avoid Precipitating Factors
Tersering allergens cause asthma are dust mites so that ways of avoiding house dust should be understood. Other allergens such as cat, dog, bird, need to get attention and also keep in mind that animals are not suspected as roaches and rats can cause asthma.
Respiratory tract virus infection often triggers asthma. Asthma sufferers should stay away from people who are ill with influenza. Also recommended avoiding crowded places or crowded.


Asthma, Symptoms, Causes and Prevention
Avoid excessive fatigue, kehujanan, replacement of the extreme temperatures, running around chasing public vehicle or an exhausting sport. If you want a workout, do exercise warm up beforehand and it is recommended to wear drug preventive asthma attacks. Substances that stimulate the respiratory tract such as cigarette smoke, car fumes,vapors gasoline, paint or steam vapor chemical substances and otherdirty air should be avoided.
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