Big Whiskers Catfish Farm

Cultivated catfish had a special way to be able to grow and developproperly. Maintenance of catfish are known to grow fast and large size. Dikolam organic fish farming more recommended since it is theoriginal habitat of the catfish. Farmed catfish business opportunity still wide open because of the Community consumption is still high. Pecel lele is one of typical Indonesian dishes made of colored fish freshwater fish is known for its slippery body traits, not scaly, flat shape is elongated and has a mustache. Excess owned catfish:

Big Whiskers Catfish Farm

Big Whiskers Catfish Farm

  • The cultivation process is easy and rapid growth
  • Good environment adaptability.
  • It feels good as well as a fairly high nutrient content.
  • Affordable prices so easily accepted in society.

Fish include catfish meat eaters (carnivores), but in the age of the seeds of more omnifora. For the parent fish spawning, preferably aged 2 years or more and can be mated during the year.

An awful lot of young businessman who glanced at the field of venture capital in addition to a small catfish but fortunately is also great.Catfish is also one of the types of fish that are able to live in high density. Catfish feed conversion rates have become a good body weight. With properties such as these, the cultivation of catfish will be very profitable if done in insentive.

Two Catfish Aquaculture business segments, namely:

  • Segment Seeding This segment aims to produce seed of catfish.
  • Enlargement Of The Segments This segment aims to produce Catfish is ready for consumption.

On this occasion alamtani will discuss the stages of preparation of the Catfish Aquaculture segments of the enlargement. There are a variety of types of pools that can be used for catfish farming. Each type has advantages and disadvantages of ponds each when are reviewed in terms of cultivation. To decide what pool of suitable, please consider the environmental conditions, the availability of manpower and funding sources exist.

The types of public pools in cultivated Catfish is the outdoor soil, cement ponds, pond floating nets and tarps, keramba. As alternative food catfish can also be fed kitchen leftovers, chicken manure, intercropping systems, chicken Duck Goose carcasses were burned, frogwater, etc. Some types of ponds known is an outdoor ground (most commonly used livestock catfish), outdoor, outdoor cement sheeting (can bea cement pond, outdoor or indoor, wooden drums), floating pond and grouper (can be found dikolam intercropping).


The most common used pool of breeders catfish from the former swimming ground as now this way is also still widely used the fish breeders in General including breeders catfish. In Central Java known term Blumbang meaning ground pool, or also known as the Mudhole in West Java and is also known by the name Empang in West Javaand Jakarta. More or less referred to the type of kolamnya is ground pool.


How berternak Catfish with methods of cement pond more or less similar to outdoor soil, only the bottom of the pond and the walls are made with a layer of cement that are sturdy and usually also used as insulation with an other. These types of pools is made to avoid leaks and also minimize the damage. How livestock catfish currentlymany are using outdoor cement.


It used to be kind of outdoor farmed fish that are known are the outdoor and indoor soil cement, when graziers began creative and forward thinking, they find the idea of efficiency they can apply in the field of the farm started creative and forward thinking, they find the idea of efficiency they can apply in the fish farms. This type of pondby making use of land is narrow and potluck, dikenallah term and method of new outdoor tarps. This type of pool is more flexible and friendly and began to also apply in fish farming livestock including how catfish. Outdoor tarps can be used for outdoor cement, drums, and stake-stake like wood, and bamboo.


Other creative outdoor types in addition to the pool tarp is outdoorkeramba buoyancy. The nature of keramba is like keramba, intercropping seen disungai, the Lake, or even the sea. For cattle, catfish, keramba or floating nets can also be used.


The seeds being one of particular concern to specify business success cultivating catfish, there kinds of catfish popular which became the Prima Donna of the eternak catfish. But although there are many types of catfish flagship still have to re-elect a good seeds so that the future can thrive and produce a huge profit from the business ofcultivating catfish. Not all seeds produced a superior kind is also superior to all, should still be selected select again with some specificcriteria. There are many common types of catfish are farmed, but currently there are four types of course became the Prima Donna breeder catfish in Indonesia was namely Local Catfish, Clarias Gariepinus, Phyton, and Catfish Catfish Sangkuriang.

  • Local Catfish

In this type of time ago, many once cultivated by the community. Before known as other types of catfish. This is a local catfish that was already there from the time of first with characteristics have a hard and kakau patil and venomous. If it hurt other fish could cause it to die, if exposed to humans it can cause swelling and accompanied by fever. Local Catfish is black which is still cultivated though far outnumbered competing with new pedatang catfish such as dumbo and sangkuriang.

  • Clarias Gariepinus

Catfish catfish imports including this one, the results of the persalingan between Taiwan and African Catfish catfish, have a body whichgembul and size much bigger than local catfish and also its growthcalculated very quickly. Clarias gariepinus became the Prima Donnareplaces Local Catfish and much developed. by rancher catfish up to this point. The main advantage of Clarias Gariepinus is definitely in terms of size and speed the growth of his body.

  • Catfish Phython

This one is kind of catfish have physical characteristics that will be striped, perhaps it is one reason he is named similar to the name of the snake. Origin is not so clear but originally known to be developed by the community of Pandeglang, Banten. So, researchers must be confident that this is the Python catfish generation results intersecting with catfish clarias gariepinus ex Thailand. The advantages of this type of catfish this one is suitable to be developed in the region with temperatures as cold as the mountains.

  • Sangkuriang Catfish

If viewed from the name certainly we will guess from where this catfish. Originally developed relic in Sukabumi, West Java. Sangkuriang catfish Clarias Gariepinus is a cross of a female from the F2 generation by generation of Clarias Gariepinus F6 Crosses was meant to return the properties if you choose to land large enough it would be nice if the superior of Clarias Gariepinus as early generation using a type of cultivation with outdoor ground, because in addition to manyapplied by the catfish farmers, in General, kolamtanah is also betterin shaping ecosystem pond mature and full of organic nutrients that are necessary to its development catfish. Livestock catfish from the nursery to the enlargement are also quite easy to do. Because ideally the media pool for most catfish cattle don’t have to have the appropriate construction, has the resources and the water quality is good, and has a good ecosystem cycles.


Before the start, some things need to be prepared, among others:

  1. Outdoor
  2. Fingerlings
  3. Food

Drugs (for menanggulani if the fish are exposed to the disease)


Prepare fish ponds by size as follows:

  1. Length: 7 meters
  2. Width: 5 meters
  3. Depth: 1 meter

Outdoor disekat-sekat with size of 1 square meter (for the promised 40 tail catfish/1 m square). After that, several steps need to be done include:

Drying: pond drained in advance for three days.

Liming and fertilization: on the fourth day, lime one gram were scattered to the outdoor square, permeter sprinkle also manure with a size of 700 grams of permeter square, and leave it on for three to four days tnpa using water.

Next: the waterworks on the sixth day of the seventh or the contents of the pool with water to a height of 20-30 cm and leave it for a week until the water looks greenish color.

Then add water into the pond is as high as 95 cm.


The seeds being one of particular concern to specify business success cultivating catfish, there kinds of catfish popular which became the Prima Donna of the eternak catfish. The seed of the catfish were stocked in the morning with a total of 40 tail per square metre for seedling age 1 month (size 5-110 cm).

  • FOOD

Food for Zooplankton are catfish seedlings and Hytoplankton, can be also with silk worms or larvae. Catfish needs to be given additional food such as fish, carrion (chicken tiren), the rest of the rest of theindustry/dough, keong mas, snails etc. It’s been a lot of catfish feed is already sold in the market, we can also use the feed.

How to create a feed for catfish so huge it’s easy fast, certainly you can practice it correctly. For how pembuatanya divided into two ways, the way of making the first catfish feed manufacture i.e. aged 1-29 days. And the making of the second fermentation of feed is done after catfish was 29 days until harvest. How To Manufacture

Fermentation feed 1

This is intended for the feeding of fish aged 1-29 days

Required materials:

  1. Tarp and gunny sack
  2. Dirt cattle (goats)
  3. Vegetable waste
  4. The Lees knew
  5. Sugar and,

Probiotic supplements “I recommend you to choose Probiotic supplements SOC – HCS”

The manufacturing steps

Prepare a place of manufacture/tarp.

  1. Dissolve water + with SOC – HCS with granulated sugar dissolving comparison 15 lt of water: 5 close the SOC: 200 gr granulated sugar.
  2. Once ready, type materials such as droppings of goats, the dregs of tofu, vegetable waste into pembuatab.
  3. Flush all the material with a solution of SOC-HCS dissolved last
  4. After that mix all ingredients, cover and tarps to be airtight, after closed let stand for 1 day.
  • Feeding Way

For granting pakannya itself is very easy, first you open the feed results of fermentation, and enter into the sack gono next enter the sack burlap feed containing fermented into a pond with a height of 30 cm.

There is a feed fermentation in the pond is able to trigger the growth of plankton, which is where this becomes a natural plankton pakam of catfish. So the growth of lelenya may be getting faster. And the presence of plankton is sufficient for feeding for 29 days.

  • Making Fermented Feed 2

Feed manufacture is carried out to give to the catfish was 29 days until harvest.

Materials needed:

  1. Bak/tarps/plastic big
  2. Goat livestock excrement
  3. The dregs of tofu and bran
  4. Foliage “leaves the biased eaten Catfish”
  5. Shrimp paste
  6. Granulated sugar
  7. Probiotic supplements SOC – HCS

Making strides:

  1. Prepare a place for example bak, dissolve water + sugar and SOC –comparison with HCS 3 bottle caps SOC-HCS: water 10lt
  2. Put all the ingredients above starting from the dirt of the goats, the Lees knew, Bran, foliage and shrimp paste into the tub
  3. Enter into the making of the SOC solution, give + water already dissolved last and mix ingredients until evenly distributed.
  4. Cover the tub could be with housing or tarps so bak became impermeable will air
  5. Let sit 24 hours to process
  • Feeding Way

By how to be sown, give in teratu.


Factors could cause livestock cultivation catfish became less successful, such as the catfish did not grow as expected. Invaded by many country of the disease so as inhibit the growth and the possibility oftheir worst catfish the livestock die.

Things like this certainly will bring losses to Catfish breeders who have been laboriously worked hard to cultivate the catfish. Therefore it needs to be aware of the different types of illness or things that happen on the catfish. In environments that ugly catfish will be susceptible to the disease, so ranchers must keep enough catfish pond environment in order for the catfish escape from disease. Disease in Catfish caused by bacteria. Most Catfish are exposed to the disease will develop ulcers, liver and spleen is damaged. To address catfish diseased some tips that are required are:

  1. Replace the pool water
  2. Pengkapuran outdoor with doses of 100 gr/m2
  3. Fish feed laced with antibiotics (tetracyline).
  4. Catfish are diseased can be treated using

Or it could be done with a dose of salt spread by 1cc/10gr heavy catfish from the salt solution (concentration 30gr/liter). the kitchen as much as 200 grams per cubic meter every 10 days in a row.


Catfish can be harvested after three months from the first spread the seeds. Weight of catfish that used 10 grams would be 100-300 grams. This depends on the health, feed, environmental and outdoor.As alternative food catfish can also be fed kitchen leftovers, chicken manure, intercropping systems, chicken Duck Goose carcasses were burned, frog water, etc.

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