Cancer Discovery Impact Factor

Cancer Discovery Impact Factor – Doctors at the National Taiwan Hospital recently shocked the world of medicine due to the discovery of a case of a 37-year-old young doctor who during this very trust the results of examination of liver function (SGOT, SGPT) *, but it turns out the moment ahead of the Chinese new year Feast is known positively suffering from liver cancer

all 10 cm!!

During this time nearly everyone depends very much on the results of examination of liver function indices (Liver Function Index). They assume if the examination results of a normal index means

all OK. This kind of misunderstanding is apparently also done by many specialist doctors. Really shocking! The doctors who are supposed to provide knowledge on the general public, apparently having knowledge that is not true. Liver cancer prevention should be done in the right way. There is no other way except to detect andtreat it as early as possible, so the doctor said Hsu Chin Chuan. But ironically, it turns out doctors who deal with liver cancer also can have a wrong, even misleading the public, this is the biggest cause of why the liver cancer is difficult to cure.

There is currently a patient doctor Hsu who complained that during the last monthoften have stomach pain and weight down very much. After the examination of new found existence of supersound liver cancer which is very large, almost 80% of livernya (liver) already lined up.

The patient was very aghast, “How is it possible? Last year new medical check-up and the results were all normal. How is it possible in only 1 year relative short period of liver cancer can grow big? “

It turns out the check-up is done just check liver function. Examination results also showed “normal”. Examination of liver function is one of the most careful examination item is known by the public. But this item is also the most widely misunderstood by our society (Taiwan because the writers are domiciled there, but also including  misunderstood).

Cancer Discovery Impact Factor


Cancer Discovery Impact Factor

In General, most people assume that when the results of examination of liver function index shows the normal number means there is no problem with the liver. But this view resulted in the emergence of sad stories because of the loss of chance of detecting cancer early stage since.

Doctor Hsu says, SGOT and SGPT enzyme is most widely found in the cells of the liver. If there is inflammation of the liver or because one or the other reason so that the liver cells die, SGOT and SGPT will run to the outside. This causes a SGPT and SGOT content in the blood increases.

But the absence of an increase in the number of SGOT and SGPT does not mean not the case hardening or absence of liver cancer. For many the hepatitis sufferers, although the condition of inflammation of their hearts have stopped, but in the liver (liver) they have formed the fibres and hardening of the liver. With the formation of the hardening of the heart, then the

 It will be easy for liver cancer has occurred. In addition, at the early stage of liver cancer, liver index also will not increase. Because at times the growth of cancer, only the surrounding cells are attacked so damaged and die. Because of this damageonly in small scale then numbers SGOT and SGPT is probably still in the normal range. Let’s say the ride was not a high rise will occur. But because many people don’t understand this so that the result there was many a sad story.

The main causes of liver damage are:

  1. sleeptoowakes up too during the night and is the cause of most major.
  2. nobowel movementsin the morning.
  3. Eating patternsthat are too exaggerated

Grilled meat, satay, and fried foods/unhealthy cooking oils. As far as possible reduce cooking oil use to fry the food, this also applies despite using the best cooking oils like olive oil one though.

Fried dishes should be consumed once, don’t be saved..

  1. Do not eatin the morning.
  2. Too muchto consume drugs or even drugs.
  3. Too muchto consume additional substances, preservatives (a flavor enhancer),substances, dyes, artificial sweeteners.
  4. Consumingraw or cooked cuisine ½ ripe.
  5. Smoking orbecome passive smokers.

We have to do prevention without removing the surcharge. Simply adjust the lifestyle and daily eating patterns. Treatment of eating patterns and conditions time is needed so that our bodies can do the absorption and elimination of substances that are not useful in accordance with “the schedule”.


  • evening:21.00 – 23.00

The timing for the disposal of substances not useful/toxic (de-toxin) in the systemof antibodies (lymph nodes). During this time duration should be undertaken witha tranquil atmosphere or listen to the music (even better when it is sleeping). When the time a housewife is still in a relaxed condition such as washing dishes or supervise the child learns, it can have a negative impact for health.

  • eveningat 11 pm – 1 am in the morning

The time at the moment of the process of de-toxin at the heart, must take place in conditions of slumbering sleep.

  • early morning1 am – 03.00

Time to process de-toxin at the bile, also takes place in conditions of slumbering sleep.

  • early morning03.00 – 05.00

Time to de-toxin in the parts of the lungs, because it’ll happen cough for cough sufferers during this time duration. Because the cleaning process (de-toxin) had reached the respiratory tract, then no need to drink cough medicine in order not to interrupt the process of sewage … For smokers with cleanup is not perfect.

  • Morning05.00 – 07.00

Time to de-toxin in colon, should be part of the bowel.

  • Morningat 7 am – 9:00 am

Nutrient absorption time meals for small intestine, have to eat in the morning. For people who are sick should eat more morning i.e. before 10:30. Breakfast before7: very good for those who want to keep their health. For those who don’t eat in the morning please change his habits, even still better late breakfast until 9-10 than not eating at all.


Bed too night and wake up too during the process will mess up the disposal of substances that are not useful. In addition, from midnight until 4 in the morning is the time for the bone marrow to produce blood. Hence, Sleep Soundly and don’t stay up.

Hopefully Helpful

* Description:

  • SGOT(Serum Glutamic Pyruvate Transaminase) is an enzyme found in liver cells. Its function is to convert the compound into alfaketoglutarat and oksaloasetat aspartate and glutamate, and vice versa. Also called SGOT or AST aspartate aminotransferase with.
  • SGPT(Serum Glutamic Oxaloacetic Transaminase) is an enzyme found in liver cells. Its function is to assist in the removal of the amino group of the alanin to alfaketoglutarat. Another name is ALT SGPT or alanine aminotransferase.
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