Cervical Cancer In Males

Cervical Cancer In Males – Cervical cancer is a type of cancer that occurs in areas of the cervix or cervical area, i.e., the bottom of the uterus that connects the uterus and vagina.

Although theattack part genitalis not meant just to womenfolk khatam about cervical cancer symptoms, but also men.

The Cause Of Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer begins to occur when normal cells undergo changes (genetic mutations) that transforms healthy cells becoming abnormal cells. Normal cells grow and develop with controlled certain levels in the body, cell death is also at a set time.Whereas in the normal cells turn into cancer cells growth and berkembangannya beyond the control of the body, and cancer cells did not die. Along with the growth and development of abnormal cells that will eventually form a mass (tumor). In addition to the growing cancer cells can also spread and invade nearby tissues and can be split off from the original (parent) tumors to spread elsewhere in the body (metastasis).

The exact cause of cervical cancer is indeed unclear. However, it is certain that a sexually transmitted infection caused by the human human papillomavirus (HPV) plays an important role. While HPV is a virus that is very common, even most women with HPV never develop cervical cancer. This means that other risk factors – such asgenetic, environmental or lifestyle risk factors also became the cause of cervical cancer.

Cervical Cancer In Males

Cervical Cancer In Males

Cancer symptoms in men # 1: issue while urinating as we get older, many of the men who have trouble urinating like frequent urination particularly during nighttime, unable to resist, or difficulty urinating while removing the urine. The cause of this problem is usually due to raising the prostate gland but can also constitute a discrete disease of prostate cancer.

Signs of cancer in men # 2: changes in the testes/fruit Phallus Try you notice Your testes if there are bumps, feels heavier or change other then waste time checking yourself to your doctor because of changes they will be alone is the characteristics of testicular cancer. In contrast to diseases of prostate cancer, testicular cancer, this disease will grow very fast.

Signs of cancer in men # 3: blood in Urine or Stools blood in feces is wasted from your body this is a common symptom of hemorrhoids disease occurrence/hemorrhoids or infections in the urinary salurah but in addition can also show the characteristics of diseases of bladder cancer, kidney cancer, or colon cancer

Characteristics of Cancer Pain in men # 4: the change of the skin do not underestimate the change in the spots that are on your skin as it changes size, shape, or color changes due to the tsb represents the characteristics of a disease very common skin cancer

Symptoms of Cancer in men # 5: changes to the Lymphatic Nodes Lymph/lymph nodes is very concerned with our immune power. The gland swell when we usually tsb suffered an infection. But when swelling tsb occurs continuously for 2-4 weeks,You ought to be careful because it can be so that is a characteristic of cancer.

The signs of Cancer in men # 6: difficulty swallowing difficulty swallowing is indeedoften happen to anyone but if it happened continuously for a long time then you should immediately checked myself because it could be that the disease characteristics of throat cancer or gastric cancer.

Characteristics of cancer in men # 7: Heartburn/sense of heat in the stomach when you felt your stomach is hot, try to change Your eating and drinking patterns andavoid stress. When it turns your stomach is still hot after changing the tsb may we suggest that you check with your doctor because it can only it is tsb disease characteristics of gastric cancer or cancer of the throat.

Cancer symptoms in men # 8: changes in the mouth If you are a smoker or frequently chewing tobacco then you have a high risk of oral cancer. Try you notice when there are parts that are flushed or grey hair on the lips and mouth you because it is tsb traits of cancer of the mouth.

Symptoms of cancer in men # 9: weight loss Without Obvious weight loss which is not done by diet or exercise can only happen due to stress or there is a problemon your thyroid. However if your weight drop very drastic then you should be suspicious because it could just be that traits of cancer of the pancreas, gastric cancer, or lung cancer.

Cancer symptoms in men # 10: We often experience Fever Fever especially when sick. A fever occurs when the body’s own normal fight against infectious diseases. But when the fever they will never go in a long time so they will be able to just the traits of cancer of the blood.

The signs of cancer in men # 11: changes in Chest disease characteristics of breast cancer is indeed generally occur in women, but you don’t get me wrong because some men can just experienced breast cancer. So keep note of changes that occur on the chest area like bumps, etc.

Cervical Cancer In Males Characteristics of Cancer Pain in men # 12: the fatigue characteristics of cancer fatigue, fatigue is the next sense weakness in bones that don’t fade improved even though you’ve been resting

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