Dental Care To Be White and Fragrant

Dental CareTo Be White and Fragrant – Teeth are important organ of prayer One Man for the review cut and crush food that can be digested and swallowed Better. Cavities can interfere with enjoyment at While Eating. Therefore, Andari Need to do some step

Dental Care To Be White and Fragrant

Routine dental care for the review to avoid cavities. Dental care turned out very easy, depending on the level of a person’s willingness and awareness of dental health itself. As the digestive tract, human teeth that function like a knife to cut food intake in order to be soft and easily digestible by the human body’s digestive organs.

In addition, human teeth have a very good protective structures in order to protect the teeth that are not easily broken and hollow. Yes, the natural protective tooth enamel is best in human teeth! The structure of human tooth-shaped hard but also resilient when it was chewing any object into the mouth including food.

Dental Care To Be White and Fragrant

Then, if the tooth enamel enough to protect dental health? No. Although the teeth is a very good tool however pengunya tooth enamel is not enough to maintain the health of the tooth itself. Various substances that enter the mouth can, will damage teeth, especially endurance and health can change the color of teeth is no longer a pure white.

Dental CareTo Be White and Fragrant

Here are 5 easy steps that dental care can do to maintain the health of your teeth and avoid cavities.

  1. Brush your teeth after eating Maybe you’ve heard that you should brush your teeth twice a day, which is when you wake up and before bed. But it turns out, if you want to avoid cavities recommended that you brush your teeth at least every time after eating. But if you are not always able to brush your teeth after every meal, at least rinse with water to remove residual meal from the mouth.
  2. Clean the teeth by rinsing addition to brushing teeth, gargle using oral cleaning fluid. Gargling nearly powerful enough to remove plaque and bacteria from the mouth. Rinsing is not as important as brushing your teeth. Plaque produce acids that can cause cavities, which if left unchecked can damage the gums. Finally, not only problematic tooth, but also your gums. By rinsing, the parts of the mouth that can not be reached by a toothbrush can be cleaned.
  3. Use a toothpaste containing fluoride your teeth need protection from the tooth enamel, the hard outer layer of teeth. Fluoride can protect your teeth from acidic compounds that can cause tooth decay by preventing the bacteria in plaque produce these acidic substances. Fluoride can also increase repair enamel layer so as to strengthen the defense of the enamel. But for the children, you should first consult with your doctor. What is the safe limit children’s use of a fluoride toothpaste. Because if excessive, fluoride is also not good for the health of your child.
  4. Dental and oral health check regularly to the doctor Perform routine inspection can be one way to avoid cavities and a measure of good dental care. Because then, if something goes wrong with your teeth, will be more easily detected early. If the condition of the teeth showed that the teeth vulnerable to cavities, the doctor will give more protection to the teeth in the form of sealant. Dental sealant is a protective jacket to protect tooth enamel from acidic substances and plaque that can cause tooth decay.
  5. Avoid foods that cause cavities Doing some dental treatment steps above is not enough if you do not avoid the foods that cause cavities. For example, sweet foods and foods that can stick in your teeth gap (candy, cookies, chips).
Dental Care To Be White and Fragrant

Because when you consume food or beverages other than water, the result of bacteria in the mouth produce acids that can damage your tooth enamel. In addition to avoiding trigger foods cavities, consume foods that are good for your dental health. Such as vegetables, fruit, coffee without sugar, and tea. You can also change your favorite candy with a gum that can help in the clean up leftover food particles from the mouth.

Dental Care To Be White and Fragrant

Dental care does not have to wait until the damaged tooth, or even to disrupt the enjoyment of eating. Begin to maintaining healthy teeth and mouth with a routine dental treatment above. Also, avoid foods that can damage dental health. Because not only can interfere with your teeth, but also can interfere with your body’s health.

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