Diabetes | Symptoms, Causes and Cure

Diabetes | Symptoms, Causes and Cure – Diabetes is one of the diseases that attack the human body too often experienced by many people, the cause of, among others, and also the daily living habits may be less so this disease arising simbang and attack the person’s body. What the heck is it diabetes? How the symptoms of a disease affected by diabetes? How to treat or even prevent it? Perhaps a spate of questions that appear in your mind. Here we will be commenting on the characteristics of the early symptoms of people affected by diabetes.


Diabetes, Symptoms, Causes and Cure

Diabetes is a long-term or chronic illness characterized by blood sugar levels (glucose) which is way above normal. Glucose is essential for our health because it is the main source of energy for the brain as well as the cells that make up the muscles and tissues in our body.
Diabetes | Symptoms, Causes and Cure


Diabetes | Symptoms, Causes and Cure

Symptoms The Symptoms Of Diabetes

It is very important for us to know the early symptoms of diabetes. Good for a high risk as well as for those who feel healthy and do not have a history of or potential for severe diabetes :
  • Often feel thirsty.
  • Frequent urination, especially at night.
  • Extreme hunger.
  • The decline of weight without a clear reason.
  • Decreased muscle mass.
  • Fatigue.
  • The views blur.
  • Old wounds are healed.
  • Often experiencing an infection, for example in the gums, skin,

The Cause Of Diabetes

His rise in blood sugar levels can occur due to the causes of diabetes in the doing, and also there are a few things that can cause the symptoms of diabetes occurred or the cause of diabetes. And here are a few things that can become a cause of diabetes:
  • Genetic
The cause of diabetes that could happen to one of his that is due tohis genetic factors exist. Because the family has also suffered from diabetes and have most likely to suffer from diabetes. Therefore, if you have a history of diabetes then it is likely also to suffer diabetes if notmaintaining health and also the blood sugar levels.
  • Weight
Weight loss can indeed affect health, due to the weight loss can be a disease, and diabetes can also occur due to weight. Have a great weight or excessive had the possibility to suffer diabetes one. therefore,the cause of diabetes can be caused by weight.
  • Food
The cause of diabetes can also occur from food consumption, if oftenconsume eating unhealthy food like his food containing high fat or sugary of sugar levels have a lot then it could be the cause of diabetes. Therefore keep your intake of foods that are good in order not to experience the ride of her blood sugar levels.
  • Smoking
Smoking is a source of disease, and smoking can also be the cause ofdiabetes is also, therefore, why the use of smoking was forbidden and is not good to use.


Diabetes | Symptoms, Causes and Cure

How to treat diabetes

Lifestyle changes is the first thing that is recommended for sufferers of DM, i.e. settings of diet, exercise, and smoking cessation. Foods that are recommended for sufferers of DM is a fruit, vegetable, and grain; the food must be reduced are animal products, complex carbohydrates (cakes or biscuits), and sugary foods. Sports can be in the form of anything, but it done at least 30 minutes every 2-3 days on a regular basis. Type I DM sufferers requiring treatment in the form of injections of insulin to control blood sugar. In type II DM, treatment can be either anti-drug or diabetes and insulin depending on the condition of the survivors. DM sufferers require long-term treatment and regular inspections to health facilities.


Diabetes | Symptoms, Causes and Cure

How to prevent diabetes

You can control it and salahsatunya is by means of preventing diabetes early, as you will learn in the following discussion:
1.) Reduce weight
Weight loss can prevent diabetes. When you have excess weight or obesity, you will probably get the radar hazard from health experts about the disease diabetes. Furthermore, when your weight down, e.g.5%, then the risk of diabetes will go down, even if you don’t exercise.
2. salad Consumption)
In many of the studies mentioned that consume vegetables or salad with the sauce before you eat carbohydrates can help the body control blood sugar. Even in the other studies mentioned, vinegar on salads, if consumed before consuming carbohydrates can help control glucose in the blood. It is also related to the compound acetic acid found in vinegar, which function to disable the digestive enzymes, thereby slowing the body Digest carbohydrates.
3.) Walk
Running is a sport most fun, simple, easy and cheap to do many of us. In a study conducted in Finland mentioned that people who walked by as much as 4 hours per week or 35 minutes a day experienced adecreased risk of diabetes by up to 80%, even if their weight is not down.
In other research done by The Nurses, they make studies with the name Health Study, in which researchers found that women who workup to berkeringan over a week experienced a decreased risk of diabetes by up to 30%.
4. cereal Consumption)
Consume a lot of corn turned out to be examined was able to complete a wide range of health problems, ranging from cancer pay  air, type 2 diabetes, hypertension to stroke. You can search for a box of cereal for breakfast, where on the label packaging provided at least 5 g whole grain per serving. However, avoid products that added processed ingredients, fat, cholesterol and sugar.
5.) coffee consumption
In a study mentioned that researchers from the Harvard School of public Health concluded that people who consumed coffee had lower risk for type 2 diabetes affected. The study addressed with observations for 18 years.
The consumption of a few cups of coffee are examined is capable of lowering the risk of developing diabetes. The focus of the content of the coffee that was examined was the caffeine. The researchers concluded that caffeine-containing compounds magnesium, potassium and antioxidants that are able to help the cell to absorb sugar. However, fixed remember to steer clear of coffee is rich in sugar, especially in stores or fast food restaurants.
6.) Relax
How to prevent diabetes last is to stay away from the State of chronic stress. In many of the studies mentioned that blood sugar levels can rise due to stress. You can start doing activities that entertain themselves in order to be an exhausting routine of work and not to make up your mind to be fucked. Make it a habit to sleep enough and doing relaxation movements.


Diabetes, Symptoms, Causes and Cure
Above are symptoms of Diabetes disease Symptoms, causes of Diabetes, how to treat diabetes, how to prevent diabetes, hopefully with the presence of this information could be useful for readers who want to avoid viewing from various diseases especially diabetes. Preventive measures against various diseases is important because everyone certainly wants a healthy and strong body.
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