Does Botox Cause Cancer

Does Botox Cause Cancer – Botok lethargic injection used in the medical world for a variety of benefits and allowances. Botox is the more public when it is also beneficial for kometikaand beauty. But behind the various benefits of botox injections that can impact the type of complications start mild and menganccam inhabitants. Given the impact and danger that could happen then we recommend administering Botox injections should be performed by competent experts.

Botox is the trade name of Botullinum Toxin A pure protein that is extracted from the bacterium Clostridium Botullinum. The process of purification of proteins from bacteria is similar to the process of purifying a protein on the other antibiotic drugs. Botox is more correct to say the drug, not the cosmetics. The use of botox for the purpose of treatment is FDA approved (Food & Drug Administration) in the 1980s. The time reported botox proven can overcome twitch around the eyes.

Does Botox Cause Cancer



Initially used for medical purposes, such as repairing muscle function abnormalities, reduced seizures around the eyes as well as relieve the twitch, botox began customarily used in the world of beauty and cosmetics to smooth wrinkles. In the world of beauty, botox is still very popular as a shortcut to remove wrinkles, especiallynot little-known side effect of this toxin injections.

Botox first used by physicians to help nervous patients who face tilted so that seems out of balance again. The current Botox is used widely throughout the State as one of the world’s most popular beauty therapy.

Botox is the toxic Microbe clostridium botulinum results, which are typically found in canned food that’s been damaged. On a very low dose, botoxdapat loosen muscles tense. Botox is injected in the muscles become so wrinkled that relaxes and not contracting. Botox can also serve to hold back certain parts of muscles so that the eyebrows or the jaw becomes more riding position. Botox is also used to address the problem of excess sweating on the underarms. The effect of botox can be seen in 2-3 days after the injection. In Indonesia, the cost of all injecting botox is still pretty expensive, approximately USD 3-4 million.

Botox For nervous disorders and Stroke.

Botox, or botulinum toxin, blocking signals that tell muscles nerves in order to contract, flattening wrinkles when used on the face. However these toxins can also helppatients who are paralyzed due to brain injuries, multiple, sclerosis of spinal disorders or stroke.

A stroke victim paralysed for more than 20 years in Australia able to walk again thanks to a drug called anti-wrinkling botox. Russel McPhee (49) was forced to use a wheelchair after a severe stroke 23 years ago that made him lame so that doctorsinitially told him that he will never leave the hospital. However, after the injected botox, the anti-ageing drug popular among Hollywood a-listers, McPhee can walk around his home unaided and can run up to 100 metres with a stick.

Botox for headaches

The three-day botox infusion into the blood vessels it effectively stop a headache for the majority of patients. The clinic also offers treatment with a stay in the hospital for four to five days. Some innovative ways to reduce the frequency of headaches including the use of Botox, which already showed their effectiveness in reducingthe headache disorders.

Botox Cosmetic

In April 2002, the FDA approval of botox for anti wrinkle treatments between the eyebrows or commonly referred to as frown lines. Botox is now often used to address the problem of beauty, among others, to loosen muscles that lined, raising eyebrows caused by the eye down, correcting the shape of the jaw as well as reducing the production of sweat too much in the underarms, arms, and other body parts.

BOTOX (Botulinum Toxin) to relaxes facial muscles. The drug was functioning so that frown lines from the results of excessive facial expressions can be dipudarkan and look natural without the line means. This can be given a beauty therapy in patients who already saw the stripes on the face. The recommended age is after 20 years and over, where the line of the face have started popping up. Botox works by relaxing the muscles of the face, precisely in the area of wrinkled. Botox works effectively in dynamic wrinkles or wrinkles that appear when your facial expression (smiles, frowns, for example). Your facial expression occurs when the brain sends a signal to the muscle fibers of the face. As a result, the muscles do contractions causingwrinkles. If this goes on a frequent basis and continuously and is supported by an increasingly aging age then it will happen enough wrinkles in the former. As a result, any face looks older.

Botox is a disuntikan on the part of the muscle Contracting will hamper crumpled strong that wrinkle disappears. In the case of browlift (raising eyebrows) and correction of jaw, botox works to hold certain parts of muscles so that the eyebrows or the jaw becomes more riding position. In the case of excess sweating, botox function inhibits acetylcholine work (cause the secretion of sweat of sweat glands). Due to obstructed, then sweat was not out at a certain place.

Botox treatment procedure does not take a long time but should be done by experts, to avoid the risk of negative injection and so on. Botox injection is usually donewith or without anaesthetic, depending on the conditions of each individual. Anaesthetic itself, used to avoid any discomfort during the process of injection. The results of botox injections will be visible at maximum in 3-7 days after injection, in addition you should avoid consumption of alcohol and aspirin.

The effects of botox injections can last 4 to 6 months and slowly going back muscles are able to contract as they are powerful. You can re-use the botox whenever you want. But cannot be used to overcome the wrinkles in or wrinkle in sight even when no expression that results from sun radiation. To improve the end result of the injection of botox to look more smooth and natural, you can integrate care anti aging botox Restylane dermal filler with. Dermal filler effective for even wrinkles inthe is static. Is the static wrinkles are creases that look even when you’re not expression or stands alone. Dermal filler will fill the dermis of the skin so that the contours of the skin of the back is smooth at the same time rejuvenate the skin

Botox For swelling of the urinary tract

Swelling of the urinary tract with symptoms often are not able to hold urine in thebladder, so that urine can not be controlled. Botox that had been used to tighten the face so it looks younger turned out to be used in the field of Urology especiallyswelling of kemcing. channels. In a variety of treatment, botox has proven to effectively overcome these disorders with minimal complications. In Switzerland, the patients reported the State better after receiving several injections of Botox into the muscles of the bladder in the span of one year. The urine that cannot be controlled is common among the elderly and to occur at least on one out of 10 people aged 65 and over, as in the National Institute of Advanced Age raised in America. However, according to the Agency for health care policy and Research in the U.S., swelling of the urinary tract is not only experienced by the elderly only. Any young people often also experienced this with a variety of conditions. Both men and women can experience this condition. In women the risk of suffering from this disorder have doubled compared to that of men. Most likely because of pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and the structure of the urinary tract in women.

Side effects and Botox dangers:

Side effects are generally mild and transient can be predicted from the existence of a paralysis muscles and chemical structure of protein molecules, so that, in General, in two main areas of side effects in the form of paralysis of the wrong muscle group and allergic reaction. Bruising in the place of injection is a side effect not of the toxin, but rather a way of granting. Does Botox Cause Cancer

in the use of the cosmetic result in inappropriate facial expressions, such as drooping eyelids, double vision, uneven smile, or loss of the ability to close the eye. This will be gone in about six weeks.

Bruising is prevented by applying pressure doctors to place a shot, but is still likely to occur, and will last around seven to 11 days.

o when injecting the masseter muscle of the jaw, loss of muscle function will result in the loss or reduction of power to chew solid food. All cosmetic treatments are of limited duration, and up to six weeks. But usually the effective Period lasts from two to three months. At very low doses used for treatment, botulinum toxin has a very low degree of toxicity of humans and animals.

 the other side effects from use of cosmetics including headaches, dysphagia, flu-like syndrome, blurred vision, dry mouth, fatigue, allergic reactions and swelling or redness at the injection place

a petition by a lay community to the FDA has requested action setting on the possibility of the spread of botulinum toxin (Botox, Myobloc) from the place of injection to other parts of the body.

ndividuals who are pregnant, have a neuromuscular disorder or egg allergies are advised to avoid Botox.

eliminate or offset the Botox emotional feelings in certain situations. It may be due to the interaction between the movements less facial muscles and the brain. If the signal from the brain to the facial muscles that are wet, you are less able to read emotions. One way botox can affect emotional feelings is to dampen the relay signals from the face to the center of the amygdala and brain stem autonomic arousal for.

the effects of botox against mental disorders can go beyond emotional feelingswith the ability to understand the language of emotions. An experimental study shows use of cosmetic botulinum toxin for the treatment of glabellar lines affect human cognition. Research by Havas et al against the subject to read emotions (happy, sad, angry) sentence before and two weeks after the Botox injections in the corrugator supercilii muscles used in a frown. The ability to read sentences to be angry and sad are longer than before injection after injection, while reading the phrasehappy times for not changing. These findings indicate

paralysis of facial muscles have the effect of selective in human cognition, and shows Botox inhibits the ability to understand language.

Potentially getting into the brain of the last Penelitiant mention that Botulinum toxin “decided the relationship between nerve cells with a protein called SNAP-25. Disorder that paralyzes the muscles controlled by the nerve cells. Hang objects thatallow doctors treating some diseases such as “strabismus” (or squint eyes). Plastic surgery is also using low doses to paralyze facial muscles, making lines and wrinkles so invisible. One team of researchers examining the potential use of Italy is another such constantly: for treating epilepsy. However, when studying its effects on mice suffering from epilepsy, they found evidence of toxin on both sides of the brain of the animal, even though they only have menyuntiknya on one side. By using the appropriate dose with a recommended in humans, the researchers then injected the “botulinum” into the eyes, Chin, and the brains of normal mice. They track the toxin – SNAP-27 hanging – to see where and how the substance is moving past thenervous system. In the case of “botulinum” type A, the type used in Botox, they found that the wreckage along nerves originating from the injection place and in the adjacent nerves. Toxin that even reaching the base of the brain. One important partof that active toxin in a place not intended for him. It is the first experiment that shows that “botulinum” move. But some experts oppose larena Botox has been used for over 25 years with very few complications, unless you’re overdosing. He addedthat the ability of toxins that may have spread to the positive side, allowing doctors to treat the disease that is centered in the brain such as epilepsy.

life-threatening. Evidence of the dangers of the use of botox again came to lightafter the fall of some of the victims of the meningggal in the United Kingdom not long ago. Of the 16 people who terenggut his life due to the impact of Botox injections, four of which are young teen aged teens. As reported The Sun, botox injections have claimed the lives of four teenagers aged 18 of the annual. Besides them, there are 87 other people who became victims, but can still be saved through medical aid at the hospital. In the United Kingdom alone, recorded about 55,000 botox injections given to patients with a variety of purposes including facial care lest it look youthful. Botox actually comes from the toxins or bacteria called botulinum toxin type a. A consumer protection service has now urged the Government to withdraw the dangerous cosmetic medicine — including versions like IE Myobloc – at once gives a warning that the drug can cause death. The Group Public Citizen of USA also reports there are at least 180 of the report sent to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding the use of Botox and Myobloc, which is used in the treatment of neck stiffness. In the report, botox can cause death as well as disturbanceattenuation on muscles and difficulty swallowing. The Group requested the inclusion of the warning label “risk of death” on the entire bottles of botox. The EuropeanMedicines Agency (European Medicines Agency) based in London in August 2007recorded 600 cases of adverse side effects due to the increasingly popular beauty treatments used throughout the world. In 28 cases, discovered the existence of casualties. In Germany, the Federal Institute for Medication and Medical Product (a kind of

supervisory remedies) received 210 reports suspected case linked to injecting botox. Five cases of which were deadly. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in February 2008 and then also reminds, the use of anti wrinkle injection has fatal effect, i.e. death. The case was reported to the media in Germany, Deutsche Welle.

continuous injection of bacterial Buildup is of course can cause bacterial buildupof botox in the face.

repetitive Usage is thinning of the muscles will also make the muscles of the facethinned. So muscles instead become easy to slack.

o facial muscles are stiff and hard expression system working botox only lasts a while, IE, only works within four to six months. After that, the facial muscles back to constrict. When the muscles back to normal, injecting botox can even leave a negative effect on the face. Sometimes facial muscles become stiff and hard expression

o interfere with muscle Injecting botox also can cause side effects on the muscles.Muscles can be symmetric, not even cause paralysis. Other complications when wrong in handling potentially cause paralysis of the muscles.

o interfere with talking and eating Injecting botox can also cause pain and mild bruising around injection. Therefore, it is better, don’t do inject botox around the mouth as it will interfere with the way speaking and eating.

o lower the eyebrows or the eyelids of other Impacts could also lower the eyebrows or eyelids

o Botox caused the kind of mild, temporary blindness, cognitive against information in the world, social information about the emotions of other people. “

o dry mouth

o difficulty in breathing

o disruption to talk

o drooping eyelids.

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