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Eyemed Vision Care Provider – According to a recent study conducted for the National Association of the plan Vision Care (NAVCP) by an independent research company, health care consumers participating in the full-service, stand-alone vision plan insurance twice (33.3 percent) are more likely to receive annual eye examination is comprehensive rather than consumers who have vision coverage service “bundled” with major medical plan (16.3%). A recent study of the eye exam usage patterns almost 85 million Americans are enrolled in the program vision benefits during 2008 and 2009. The results showed that the vision plan membership has increased and the test has been used in higher growth rates of membership, shows consumers the value component of the health benefits of their vision that allows for the introduction of chronic disease symptoms, as well as an assessment of the need for the correction of vision. Further research scroll position NAVCP stand-alone vision plan should be included in the health care Exchanges that are governed by the health care reform legislation that recently passed. These inclusions can be expected to significantly increase the number and frequency of Americans receiving routine eye care, prevention, and improve long-term outcomes. “For the first time, the majority of vision benefits u.s. companies have come together to study the impact of products and services have on the lives of tens of millions of consumers of health care,” explains Liz DiGiandomenico, President of EyeMed Vision Care Ago President NAVCP. “We always knew the eye exam is an important component of overall health, but this is the first study ever to offer additional perspectives on the role of the plan vision plays in consumer usage patterns.” The results strongly support the concept that a far greater proportion of Americans who have stand alone vision care benefits understand the importance of regular eye health checks of those Americans who have health insurance eyes embedded in their medical insurance. Stand-alone vision plan participating in this research produces almost 17 million consumer eye examination every year.


eyemed vision care providers

“Eye health is very important to overall health,” said Richard Sanchez, President and CEO and President of Advantica eye care NAVCP at this time. “The doctor understands that a comprehensive eye examination can lead to early detection of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and even reveal the high cholesterol.” “Stand-alone vision plan offers an important and an integral part of health services in our country. In order to ensure improvements related to overall health, and controlling medical costs for Americans, it is very important that the stand-alone vision plan widely available as part of the new health care landscape, “added Sanchez. Children whose parents have been stand-alone vision benefits are more likely to receive regular eye care, according to the study. Parents with vision benefits stand alone more than two times more likely to bring their child to the eye doctor (29-percent) compared to the benefits of the test packets through their medical plan (12.5%). “There are probably thousands of children with learning disabilities are misdiagnosed or perceived that really requires an examination of the eyes and, in many cases, only need a pair of glasses,” added Sanchez. “Building awareness for eye exams regularly scheduled as part of your overall health is important for all members of the family of stand-alone plan vision, as the study shows, a key part of the equation of health care as a whole.” In addition, consumers of continuity of care with a stand alone vision coverage higher when compared with consumers who have major medical coverage is bundled with. The results showed 36 percent of patients with a stand alone coverage receive an examination of the eyes in consecutive years, compared with 22 percent of patients with treatment-bundled. Rob Lynch, CEO of VSP ® Vision Care comments, “was a key factor in eye health and overall health maintenance program awarding a consistent treatment so that the high satisfaction of patients with stand alone vision benefits developing again,. Deeper and more long-lasting relationships with their eye doctor than those with insurance bundled with a stand-alone, so patients are more likely to experience health care that has more impact on the broader spectrum of their general health … ” When you begin to feel there is nothing wrong with your eyesight, the only way is checked myself into eye doctor to know the health condition of your eyes. You will most likely be prescribed glasses, but keep in mind that You cannot diagnose yourself and buy glasses with just dabble only, without knowing what you really need. Dr. John Lahr EyeMed, Medical Director, said that the symptoms that often appear on the eyes were very wide, so the only way to accurately figure out what the problem is with the memeriksakannya to the expert eye.

Eyemed Vision Care Providers


eyemed vision care provider

Below are the ten symptoms on eyes that require further action:

  1. Eyes blurry/fuzzy

If you can not recognize your friends away about 3 meters, or cannot see the writing on the magazine in a short distance, then it is likely you are experiencing low vision far or nearsightedness.

  1. Hard to see when the night

If Your vision becomes blurry at night so you can not see your cat in the yard at night, then you likely are having cataracts.

  1. Difficult familiarize from dark to light

That means the muscle that helps the eye to contract weakened. It is usually caused by the increasing age.

  1. Blurry when viewing a computer screen

Have you ever were busy working at the computer, but all of a sudden the writing or the image on the monitor suddenly looks blurry? These may be early symptoms of night blindness. Start your day with staring at the same page on your computer, but with a different distance every day. Then observe the differences to see if any progress (or thus decline) in your eyesight.

  1. Tired eyes

Tired eyes is what will happen if you have blurry vision but still impose themselves see without the aid of glasses, namely by means of memicingkan eye or frequent rubbing and winks for the sake of clarity of vision. Tired eyes can also be caused by too long driving, writing, or gazing at the screen of the monitor.

  1. Dizzy repeat

When the cornea and lens of the eye mechanism failed to focus on an object, then the small muscles in the eye is forced to work hard. The result is that the eyes become tired and cause dizziness. Heck, it’s not hard if you have to memicingkan eyes to see an object, you need glasses.

  1. the shaded Vision

Most likely you have a problem on the cornea or muscle of the eye. It could also be a symptom of cataracts.

  1. the wavy Vision

When straight lines look wavy and colours look faded, perhaps this is a symptom of macular degeneration, which is a decrease in function of the middle of the retina and can lead to loss of vision in total.

  1. see halos

If you’re looking at an object and the object has a circle of light despite all around you there is no object that can reflect light, then it is likely you have cataracts or have low vision. Halos are usually more often appear when you see in the dark.

  1. The pressure in the eye

When you feel the pressure in a well behind the eyes, there’s a chance the eye you have glaucoma. Check in advance to the expert eye.


Eyemed Vision Care Providers

Because the eye is very vulnerable exposed various diseases, then it behoves every man must maintain health eyes. Here’s a few to maintain eye health.

  • Family eye health history

Eye diseases sometimes come because families have eye diseases derivative. Therefore, consult to family members if they have a history of eye ailments derivative or not. If it has, it is likely to be exposed to the disease of the eye becomes larger.

  • Avoid rubbed eyes

As it sounds trivial, but this needs to be done. Too often rubbed eyes when itchy eyes and hands dirty can trigger the onset of infection in organs and eyes or sore on the eyes.

  • Maintain visibility

The intent is to keep the distance when you’re in front of a laptop, a computer, or TV. The ideal distance is about 50-100 cm. Additionally, keeping a distance while reading the book was also recommended. The ideal distance when reading a book is about 30 cm. This is because in order for a person can be spared from diseases of nearsightedness or myopia.

  • Use eye protection

Use eye protection when performing various activities if the vulnerable eye exposed to dust. Such as when driving, sports, or anything else that shit. This is because the dust contains many of the germs that can damage the eye.

  • Quit smoking


Eyemed Vision Care Providers

Believe it or not smoking is a source of various kinds of diseases. To that end, immediately stop the pengonsumsian smoking because smoking can also interfere with the health of the eyes. Link smoking with eyes is that smoking can trigger the onset of cataracts and damage to the optic nerve in the eye.

  • Consume vitamin A

Vitamin A is in fact good for the eyes. Perbanyaklah to consume food or drinks (fruit and vegetable) that contain lots of vitamin A, such as carrots.

  • Rest the eyes

The eyes also need to rest. Therefore, endeavoured not to impose his eyes linger over facing the TV, computer, or books. Tired eyes vulnerable lead to sore eyes.

  • Eye Checked

Check out the eyes on a regular basis is one of the effective ways to avoid the disease. This is because you control on a regular basis any changes that occur in the eye.


Eyemed Vision Care Providers

Well, that’s the last several ways so that you avoid the eye diseases. Start Your eyes checked for all early. Eyemed Vision Care Providers  This of course in order for the eye to avoid all kinds of forms of the disease. In addition, if the eyes are already exposed to a variety of diseases, the eye will be very hard to be normal again. Therefore, do some way above Your eyes in order to avoid various diseases that attack on sight.

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