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ket qua bong 88 Transformation and Budget

To the Deputy Minister

I am stunned to see that your message remains the same after the outcome of the last Conservative budget. The members are tired of not knowing where the transformation agenda will lead us.

I am tired of hearing the Conservative boy scouts stating that the cuts to Veterans Affairs are in the range of 1.1% when in fact they are more in a range of 5.3%. Cutting 804 positions is in the range of 17.5%. If you include Ste-Anne's Hospital transfer in the game, it goes up to 45%.

Your team, including yourself, should be more transparent with the Veterans as well. When you state that you are confident we can maintain the quality of our service, that's not good enough. When you state that most of the positions will be cut through attrition, again, last week’s exercise didn’t showed us that.

With the previous cuts around strategic review, the recent cuts to the CSAs positions and the future cuts to the regions, it will amount to 1 in 3 less front line positions in the District Offices.

You always stated that the plan was to save taxpayers money. By moving work away to the private sector you are showing a cut to your budget but it's not saving any money to the taxpayers. You are just accessing Treasury Board funds to cover the Conservative austerity budget.

When you state that you will work closely with employees and unions to ensure everyone is treated in a fair, open and transparent manner, we the Union have yet to see these words put into action.

At next week's NUMCC meeting we will be asking a lot of questions and we will be requesting detailed answers on the next steps to come.

In Solidarity,

Yvan Thauvette,
UVAE National President


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