How Are Cancers Named | What Is Cancer

How Are Cancers Named – Cancer is a disease resulting from abnormal growth of the cells of the body’s tissues are turns into cancer cells. In the process, How Are Cancers Named these cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body so that it can cause death.

How Are Cancers Named

The cancer is often known by the community as the tumor, whereas not all tumors are cancerous. How Are Cancers Named The tumor is any abnormal lumps or abnormal. Tumors are divided into two groups, namely the benign tumor and malignant tumor. Cancer is a generic term for all types of malignant tumor

Cancer can afflict everyone, in every part of the body, and the priesthood on all age, but more often afflicts people over the age of 40.
Generally before widespread cancer or damage the surrounding tissue, the sufferer does not feel any complaints or symptoms. When there are already complaints or symptoms, the disease usually is already advanced.

How Are Cancers Named

How Are Cancers Named

There are 7 symptom that needs to be heeded and promptly sent further to see a doctor to make sure or no cancer, namely:
Timing of bowel movements or small changes are made to the habits or disorders.
Gastrointestinal tool distracted and hard to swallow.
Hoarseness or a cough that does not heal
Breast or elsewhere is no lump (tumor).
Andeng andeng (mole) which change their nature, become increasingly large and itch.
Abnormal blood or mucus out of the body
The existence of the koreng or ulcers to heal.
Most types of cancer can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle habits since a young age and avoid cancer-causing factors.
Although the cause of cancer is not known for sure, everybody can make prevention efforts with how to live a healthy life and avoid the causes of cancer:
  • About the food:
Reduce the fatty foods overload
More eat fibrous foods.
Eating more vegetables and fruits, colored several times a day
More eat fresh food
Reduce foods that have been preserved or stored too long
Limit alcoholic drinks
  • Avoid yourself from diseases caused by sexual intercourse
  • Avoid the habit of smoking. For smokers: stop smoking.
  • A balanced life and strive to avoid stress
  • Check with your health periodically and regularly.

Factors that may increase the risk of the occurrence of cancer

How Are Cancers Named

Substances contained in cigarette smoke can cause different types of cancer in smokers and passive smokers (people not smokers who accidentally inhale the cigarette smoke of others) in a long period of time. Chemicals for industry as well as the smoke that contains carbon compounds can increase the likelihood of an industrial worker was suffering from cancer.
Excessive shines
Ultra violet rays which emanate from the Sun can cause skin cancer. Radio active rays, X rays or excessive radiation rays can cause skin cancer and leukemia.
Some types of viruses closely related to changes in normal cells into cancer cells. This type of virus called a virus cause cancer or viral onkogenik.
Hormones are substances produced the gland body that its function is to regulate the activities of body tools from a specific membrane. On some of the research note that the granting of certain hormones in excess can cause an increase in the occurrence of some types of cancer such as breast, uterus, ovary and prostate (male sex glands).
Substances or chemicals in certain foods can cause the incidence of cancer for example a long stored food and moldy it can be contaminated by aflatoxin. Aflatoxin is a substance produced fungus Aspergillus Flavus that can increase the risk of developing cancer of the liver.

Examination and treatment of cancer

How Are Cancers Named

For which there is a suspicion, then checks that can be performed are:
  • Examination of cytologic and Anatomic Pathology
  • Harbinger of cancer tests in blood
  • X-rays
  • Mammography (breast x-rays for special)
  • Ultrasound/Ultrasound (photographing the body part in the tool)
  • Endoscopy (tool body part in the sighting)
  • Colposcopy (cervix sighting)
  • Laparoscopic (abdominal cavity for sighting)
  • Body layers photo shoot with a CT Scan, an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
Cancer treatment consists of one or a combination of some of the following procedures:
  • Surgery (surgery)
  • Shines (Radio-therapy)
  • The use of medicines and cancer cell killer (sitostatica/chemotherapy)
  • The increased durability of the body (immunotherapy)
  • Treatment with hormones
  • Organ transplant.
  • Stem Cell
How Are Cancers Named

The results of treatment depends mainly on the stage or the level of cancer

Types of cancer
  • Cancer of the cervix (cervical cancer)
  • Breast cancer
  • Malignant Trofoblas disease
  • Skin cancer
  • Cancer of the nasopharynx
  • Lung cancer
  • Liver cancer
  • A cancer of the lymph nodes (Lymphoma Malignum)
  • Colon cancer
  • Blood cancer (Leukemia)
How Are Cancers Named

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