How To Cut A Tree Down With A Chainsaw

How To Cut A Tree Down With A Chainsaw – Hand saws are basically is indeed easy to use but in reality the situation a lot of obstacles faced. Seeing as there is no standard chain saws for felling trees, hence the need for review of the possibility of the creation of such standards.

The saw chain is used to create a notch and notch shall reply, and to cut other wood parts, both in the activities of the branch, loggingor cleanup Division of stems.

Basically a chainsaw consists of 3 main parts, namely machinery movers, bar integrators (conduction) and chain saws. In the 1970s the type saws are widely used are American made, such saws Mculloch,Homelite, Echo, Pioneer etc, but brands are actually less suited to the posture of Asians including Indonesia, besides the type does it weigh too heavily. The chain saws of the European-made is a relativelylightweight saws and small, so that relative body size suitable for Asians. Homemade chainsaw brands Europe, among others, Dolmar,STIHL is Hosquarna, Regulation, etc. At this time the most commonmodel is the saw that is made from lightweight materials, engine power ranges between 10 – 12 HP and penghantarnya bar length between 24-30 inches.

The chain must be thin to give good weight sawn an ideal tool. The chain made the more to the end should be increasingly keen to facilitate logging. Some types of the chain, namely Lance Peg Teeth, Tooth, and Champion the Tooth.

There are things that need to be done before using the saw chain (Chainsaw), among other things:

1. Installation of the pieces of the chain and the chain

To install the pieces of chains and chains, chain wheels need protective opened first by removing the nuts on the chain then dipasan baud on chip flow chain with rodent teeth on the top pieces of the chain leading to the tip.

2. Fuel injection

The used fuel is gasoline mixed with lubricating material one section of comparison (SAE 30) and 25 parts gasoline. On the new chain saws, for 40 hours, first used the mixture with a comparison of 1:20. The mixture should be mixed well with shake him first before entered into the tank.

3. Filling of lubricating oil the chain

The saw chain should be lubricated in order not to fast is broken. Lubricating the chain used is lubricating oil SAE 30, are not allowed to use the oil container.

4. Turn on and off the machine

How to turn on and turn off the engine starter rope is pulled slowly3-5 times in order to enter the fuel and air mixture. Then pulled at once to the engine. How to turn it off is to press the position off.

5. Lubrication of the chain

As soon as the engine lubricant, pumped by the engine so the plotpieces of chain and chain saws got lubrication. For this type of a system pelumasannya chainsaw is not automatic, the oil can flow into the chip flow chain and chain saws with the push of a button the pump with thumb. Lubricating the chain can be checked by placing a piece of paper the chainsaw upfront is turned on. When good lubrication, then oil will spatter on the paper.

Method Of The Use Of The Chainsaw

Check the condition of the chainsaw are in good shape or not

Check the condition of the chain chainsaw, make sure it is installed properly

Check the chainsaw fuel already filled

Turn on the chainsaw engine with pull starter until engine is turned on

On the handle there is a gas locker chansaw to be pressed at a time when gas is pressed also

Chainsaw is ready to use

Things To Note While Using The Chainsaw

Before using the chainsaw engine workers, workers are required touse security tools such as goggles, gloves, and pentutup ear.

Workers are required to use clothes that are in accordance with thestandards and bersepatu

At the time of carrying and using a chainsaw, workers are in a position as comfortable as possible and walk the horses

For beginners, the worker at the time of the cutting position of the chainsaw is placed on a wooden rod to keep it going lost.

When cutting with chainsaw use position your left hand holding the top handle to steer to the right and to the left. While the right handdirecting the chainsaw to the front and to the rear so that the chainis not pinched.

Excess Chainsaw

Based On The Tool:

Can cut and chop wood quickly and cutting results are obtained more neat, cheap maintenance costs

Based On TBS:

It does not require great energy and power of workers, so that productivity can be increased

How To Cut A Tree Down With A Chainsaw

The Technique Of Cutting Down Trees DirectionalThe Technique Of Cutting Down Trees Directional

Secure logging requires precision and accuracy of the calculations.The direction of the corner notch determines where the tree will fall.Making notches on trees can be done sesua with the tree fall direction plan we have set.

The direction of the corner notches

The direction of the corner notches can be created in various ways.The condition of the trees, local traditions and work areas define the creation of the notch may be different. Avoid making too deep notch, do not exceed 15-20% of the diameter of the height.

Common notch is the orientation angle notch open-face in two versions (A and B), the direction of the corner notch open-face with the opening angle is wider, and the notch with the direction of OpenDNS. We recommend using the open-face notch (version A), because it can be used in many types of logging and the easiest to learn.

The direction of the corner notch open-face with a wider opening angle has the advantage to use at a more gently sloping terrain where there is a need to hold the tree remained intact due to the unevenareas. Notch with the direction of OpenDNS is used on trees that are very large in a steep terrain and tree types who tend to split whencut down.

A notch is made in two parts i.e. top and bottom cuts cuts. To startup a notch is done based on which method is used. The cutting should be done as close as possible to the ground in order to control and maximum stability when the tree fell. Note also to cut the rootbulge that is blocking the creation of a notch.

The Technique Of Cutting Down Trees DirectionalFelling cut

When the direction of the notch was created, it is time to make felling cut. Felling cut will usually be aligned with or slightly above the level in the direction of the notch (see below). The techniques used to make the Felling cut depends on the thickness of the stem and the length of the guide bar of your chainsaw engine.

Use the breaking bar, bar or felling felling wedge to ensure secure logging. This prevents the tree leaning in the opposite direction and the clamp guide bar machines chainsaw in a tree while making a cutfeeling. Make sure the fuel is sufficient when cutting using the chainsaw. It will be dangerous if the fuel is habisa at the moment of the cutting process.

Hinge (hinge/joint) create secure logging

Hinge (hinge/joint) create secure logginHinge is the most important factor in ensuring a secure logging and clean. Hinge is not cut between the notch and felling cut, serve as hinges to steer the tree to the ground. Hinge must have the appropriate thickness and length is at least a minimum of 80% of the diameter of the chest-high trees. The width should be 10% of the diameter of the chest-high trees. For the tree that is thicker than 30 cm, enough to have the hinge around 3 cm. Angle opening direction of the notch will determine how long the hinge. The smaller the angle, the faster it will also hinge broke.

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