Mesothelioma Cancer Symptoms | Causes, Prevention, Treatment

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Mesothelioma Cancer Symptoms

There are many types of cancer, one of which is the cancer mesothelioma. Maybe this type of cancer is rarely heard among communities in Indonesia, but if the United States, cancer in General has beenwidely known.

Mesothelioma Cancer Symptoms

Mesothelioma Cancer Symptoms

Mesothelioma Cancer Symptoms

Mesothelioma or mesothelium is also known is a type of cancer that develops on a thin layer of tissue that covers the internal organs ofmany organs in the alias. Usually, this type of mesothelioma canceroften invades the body part in especially on the chest wall and the lung lining.

In General, the lining of the stomach and the SAC that surrounds the heart may rarely attacked by this disease. However, once the bloodsurrounding the testicles can also be affected by mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma Cancer Symptoms

Signs and symptoms of Mesothelioma

Just as diseases in General, cancer also has signs and symptoms such as follows.

  • Shortness of breath due to fluid around the lung.
  • Feel pain in the chest wall.
  • Coughcough.
  • -Emerging sense of fatigue.
  • The abdomen becomes bloated.
  • Decrease in weight.

Cause Of Mesothelioma Cancer Disease

The arrival of the disease mesothelioma cancer can be caused by several factors, the most notable are caused by exposure to asbestos. Yes, asbestos exposure is mesothelioma cancer disease triggers the coming with this level of domination of 80%. If someone is too often exposed to asbestos exposure, then the risk of developing the disease is getting bigger. So, the bigger his speech he, then the greater the impact as bad.

 Mesothelioma Cancer Symptoms

By 2013, about 125 million people exposed to asbestos in their workplace. Therefore, the person with the disease is more dominated by workers whose job directly related to asbestos. For example in terms of mining of asbestos, asbestos products, asbestos-filled surroundings work, chat with asbestos workers and work at or for buildings containing asbestos.

Not only that, even the other people who wash clothes of former asbestos workers may also be exposed to the risk of this disease. Genetic factors and exposed to the infection of simian 40 also is another reason why people suffer the disease mesothelioma. This disease took about 40 years to start to eat away at a person.

To know more clearly whether a person has been on attacking cancer mesothelioma, can be done by means of mendiagnosisnya. The diagnosis can be done by way of doing tests on X ray on his chest and a CT scan. It aims to suspect and discover what is mesothelioma cancer begins to come. To be more clear, as to whether someonehas mesothelioma, can also be done by performing a discovery against the existence of a special search generated by cancer or biopsy of the cancerous tissue.

Mesothelioma Disease Prevention

The most effective way to avoid so as not to be exposed to the disease mesothelioma is to reduce exposure to asbestos.

Treatment Of Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma disease treatment can be done in several ways, which of course must be done with special doctor referrals and special treatment.

By performing the operation.

Radiation therapy.


Based on data sharing, the percentage of people with mesothelioma to survive about five years after the diagnosis. This data is based on the average of the country United States. The percentage itself is simply a matter of who can not serve as the Foundation of the basics. The reason is because the Affairs of living death someone dependent on a predetermined destiny of Allah SWT.

Based on the data by 2013, calculated there are about 50 thousandpeople have contracted the disease mesothelioma. 34 thousand of them accounted for died of this disease.

The Cost Of The Treatment Of Mesothelioma

Fee or tariff treatment of mesothelioma is certainly not the same in all regions of the world. Mesothelioma treatment costs are known, country Australia and the United Kingdom is the most high, and lowest in Japan. In the United States, there are about 3,000 people per year who had contracted mesothelioma. Of the three people, it is known that boys be miserable majority. The tariff treatment is increasing since the 1950 ‘s. Report diagnosis usually is often done on people aged 65 years and death dominated at the age of about 7 years. Before commercialized or the release of asbestos disease mesothelioma was previously rare.

Mesothelioma Cancer Symptoms

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